Turkish Carpet Cleaning instructionsDo your Turkish rugs need cleaning? Do you want to know how to clean your Turkish Carpet? Here we’ve included some useful tips and information on how to clean your Oriental Turkish rugs and carpets

General information on Cleaning Turkish carpets

Turkish carpets can improve and increase in value with age and a certain amount of ware if perfectly ok if you wish to sell your Turkish carpet. Indeed. Many Turkish carpet buyers prefer to buy second hand carpets for their authentic charm and character. Far from being sold at a discount, many second hand Turkish carpets can be sold for a higher price than they were bought provided they have been maintained properly. Some sellers of Turkish and oriental carpets try to give their Turkish carpets and artificially old look by putting them out in the sun and allowing people to walk over them. Provided you care and look after your Turkish carpet you should find it very durable and remaining in excellent condition after several years; however, it is still a good idea to clean your Turkish carpet from time to time.

Cleaning dirt off Oriental Turkish carpets

The easiest way to clean your Turkish carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner regularly, although you should be especially careful with Silk Turkish carpets to put the vacuum cleaner on its lowest power setting. Alternatively you can keep your Turkish carpet clean by using a hand brush, but you should be sure to only brush in the same direction as the lie of the carpet pile. One method of cleaning your Turkish carpet is to beat it to get out the dust which should only ever be done on the back side of the Turkish carpet using a carpet beater or wide surfaced brush, not a stick which may harm especially antique hand knotted Turkish carpets.

Cleaning stains from your Turkish carpet

Tough and ingrained dirt may be cleaned from your Turkish carpet using a carpet shampoo taking care not to over wet the carpet in the process. Once you’ve cleaned your Turkish carpet using shampoo hang it up so that plenty of air can reach it until it is completely dry. Stains that do not come out of your Turkish carpet using shampoo must be taken to a professional oriental carpet cleaner who can remove the stain using a special chemical cleaner.